Welcome to ISE Simulators!

Since 2005, our mission has been simple: build the most rugged, versatile, cost effective Racing Sim Frames in the market. Prices start as low as $1900.00 

If you are looking for a plywood or tube frame to play with in front of the TV, this is not the place to find it. If you are looking for a precision, rugged and reliable tool to help train yourself for racing or to rule the Sim Racing kingdom, c'mon in and check us out! Our modular upgrade approach allows a system to be tailored to the users space and budget requirements.

Our sim platforms were designed out of necessity by Racers because we needed better hardware than what was available; very adjustable but at the same time rigid, light but tough, not cheap but cost effective. Over 6'5 tall? No trouble there. Over 250Lbs? Still no flex. Pro Wheel, Pedals and Shifters? Yep, got 'em. 20-50deg. layback seat? Can do. Multiple monitors? No problem. Seat vibration actuators? Standard. Configurable as a flight sim? You bet. Customs? By request.

Our platforms are currently in use by Racers at all levels, and HARD Core Sim Racers (addicts) and gamers.