1 VS 3 Screen

A single 24" Flat panel Display; this is the minimum size we recommend for the systems; this will deliver a fairly correct size aspect of looking out the windshield and will deliver a satisfactory experience.

3 Screens

However, looking at a three screen setup, it's easy to see just how much visual information is not seen in a single screen setup; most of all, the side screens allow the driver to look INTO the corner as is done in a real car; also, just as in a real car, the further you look ahead (especially in a corner like this), the smoother your performance will be. In this shot, you can see that the corner apex is in the screen to the right.

In this close up shot of the above, it is easy to see what you would be missing; in a race, there could be somthing waiting for you, and you would have very little time to react.

In this shot, you can clearly see the car coming up to pass on the right; if you were using the single screen you could have missed him coming up along side in the mirror. If you look real close at the center screen, you can just begin to make out the top of his lt front tire over the top of yours; surprise!. On the other hand, if you were overtaking him on the inside, you ccould gauge your position to the edge of the track on the left screen if you needed to move over to prevent contact.

Once you drive with the power of 3 nothing else will do. . .