Some companies design stuff the way they think it should be; we know how it NEEDS to be. We are Racers and Aviators, we do it for real, and we teach others how to do it for real. We use our own products ourselves for training, as well as teaching and training others. We just happen to be good engineers and designers too.

The Team Birkinsport 2004 WERC Enduro Champions l to r Woody Harris, Steve Romine (car 6), Larry Anderson(crew chief), Pierre Demartines, Dave "Poof" Harris (car 7). These are 220Hp, 1000lb Super 7's; the Porsche guys hated us, but come to think of it, so did everyone else. . .

Evans Racing Factory Five 65 Cobra entry for 2005 25 Hr: standing lt to rt Bobby Bondurant Jr. (yea HIS son) Team owner Bob Evans and Crew Chief Gizmo. Down in front, Brian Forster (somthing about being the drummer on the Partridge Family TV Show), Steve Romine, Donny Edwards, Terry, Ed, and Albert Butterfield

Some of our Development Team and Users at the 2006 25 Hours of Thunderhill, lt to rt Woody Harris, Dave "Poof" Harris, Larry Anderson (crew Chief), Pierre Demartins, Steve Romine and Barry Hartzel

Back again for 25 hours more punishment in 2007 (before)


lt to rt Tony "Mango" Brakohiapa (pro Formula D Team X) Elliott Ladik (F-BMW and European Suzuki Swift), Steve Romine, Dave Smith (Atlantic and GT),  , Steve's ex BirkinSport teammate and former Top Gun Pilot (really) Dave "Poof" Harris, and down in front Barry Hartzel (3 time Spec Miata Champion). Tony, Dave and Steve are also instructors for Jim Russell Racing


Neal Tang, Alex Polonski, Scott Hanson and Nick Sandin



We'll be back for more this year perhaps in a Mustang. . .stay tuned!


We are a division of Integrated Systems Engineering, Inc., a design and engineering firm that does high level work for the Disk Drive, Bio-Tech, Defense and Semiconductor industries.