September 2007

ISE Sims has announced it's plans to go forward with a motion seat development using a commercially available system to determine realism and feasibility. ISE principal designer Steve Romine said that " if this works as we anticipate, it will add another level of realism to our systems". ISE has been working to improve the haptic feedback of their top line racing sim. Romine said that "other than having the force feedback in the wheel this should give the driver a better feel for the brakes and when the car is "stepping out" making the control just that much better".

November 2007

After working with a variety of PC vendors, ISE-Sims and High performance computer manufacturer Maingear agreed today that Maingear systems would be used exclusively on all turn key racing and flight sims made by ISE. Steve Romine, Principal Designer with Integrated Systems Engineering said that there had been "too many in field failures of competing systems, and after switching to Maingear, the problems have virtually gone away"; further that "the support from Maingear is second to none".

November 2007

A popular Seattle Unlimited Hydro and Prototype racer  has taken delivery of a full turn key 3 screen system, powered by Maingear and ECCI controls using rFactor. Mr. O said " we've done what we needed to do with the hydros and I'm looking forward to getting back into a race car next year, and this system is the best thing available to help me train".   As he doesn't quite know which car he will ultimately compete in, system adjustability was key in the decision; "there are other systems out there that cost a bunch more and don't deliver".

December 2007

ISE Sims Steve Romine along with co drivers Dave Smith (Atlantic and GT),  Tony "Mango" Brakohiapa (Pro Formula D Team X ), Elliott Ladik (F-BMW and European Suzuki Swift), Barry Hartzel (3 time Spec Miata Champion); and ex BirkinSport teammate and former Top Gun Pilot Dave "Poof" Harris will run the Evans Racing Focus in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. 

Romine who has competed in every 25 hour since it began said that "this could be our year; we have a great driver lineup and if the car holds together and we don't get hit, we should do pretty good in our class, but just finishing is a victory in this race". 

The Ford Focus will make its second showing this year in E-2 under the Evans Racing banner with a crew made up exclusively from the Russell Racing MTP program. Romine stated that "these guys are highly motivated and anxious to put their race mechanic skills to the test in the longest endurance race in the country". 

January 2008

Full on Sim test at the ISE facility had various professional drivers from Formula D to Atlantic and several racing instructors from a local professional racing school beating on the equipment and each other testing out the latest ISE hardware. Driver feedback on the sim and its configurations were documented and minor engineering mods for usability are planned.

April 2008

ISE Sims has delivered the first iteration of its motion seat as an upgrade to one of its first and long time customers, JK. Mr. K, the president of a national auto sport association spends an average of 3 to 4 hours a day racing in his sim, and was anxious to get the first of the motion devices installed on his sim. 

May 2008

ISE Sims has announced the intention to proceed with a "meaningful" force feedback steering system. "The systems we have evaluated up to this point do not have the ruggedness or the fidelity to survive the type of use our typical clients dish out" said ISE's  Steve Romine; "that being said, as much as we hate to, we will design a system to meet our demanding requirements, and hope to have beta within the next 60 to 90 days".

June 2008

ISE Sims brings a full sim to Infineon Raceway  in support of the Pacific Formula Ford 2000. This gave us a chance to get driver feedback from the race series participants regarding the sim as a system and for the model that was completed to emulate the F2000. Driver feedback was very positive regarding the frame and controls, and felt that this would be a good tool for training purposes.

June 2008

Pro Mazda team Phenom  Racing Group has decided to go ahead with plans to acquire an ISE Sim for their race and driver training; the sim will have the latest in computer hardware from ISE partner Maingear and will have a seat motion setup. 

July 2008

ISE partner and top Maingear Computer has decided to work with ISE to develop a sim frame for their flight and driving sim requirements. The representative for Maingear stated that the ISE Sim would reflect the top of the line frame in their proposed value added sim business; more details will follow as the program develops.

August 2008

ISE Sims is announcing a partnership with British company Innovative Evolution Ltd. to work a joint project to complete development on a seat actuator system to replace a system that now comes from Japan. ISE's Steve Romine said that "although the Japanese systems are viable, the cost of having to use their expensive control architecture that is un needed to perform the motion tasks coupled with their difficult software, lack of documentation and their reluctance to work to with us to develop the system further has been incredibly frustrating; therefore we along with Innovative Evolution Ltd. will be able to offer a proper product with better performance at a lower system cost". Development should be complete with systems available before the end of the year.

August 2008

ISE Sims will begin testing of the new racing software from iRacing. This is very exciting  us as ISE and its clients represent a base of real world drivers that drive the cars modeled at the tracks modeled in iRacing. ISE and Phenom Racing Group Pro Mazda  driver  Michael Guasch will begin testing the model of the Pro Formula Mazda at the northern California tracks with an eye on track and car model accuracy; if it is found to be what we hope, it is likely that other FM drivers will follow suit. 

At this writing Michael is currently second in points in the West Coast Star Mazda Championship.

 August 25 - 27 2008

ISE will have a demo Racing Sim at the Nvidia nVision show in San Jose Ca courtesy of Maingear Computers. Come by and see us in the Maingear booth; this promises to be a great show for all things Sim and Gaming related. 

Inaugural nVision Show report:

WOW, what a great show; the NVIDIA folks (especially Jayson Pizarro) were everywhere and made sure the show ran smoothly and made sure all of us from the equipment side to the gamers  were well taken care of. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and drove the sim and chatted with us. We will have pictures of the show on the site as soon as we can.  Leave it to gamers to think of new ideas for using the frame; one group of fellows were Mech Warrior gamers and they thought it would be very cool if. . 

Special thanks to NASCAR driver Kyle Busch for stopping by and giving it a go in a 2007 Mclaren F1 car at the Glen. you can watch him and the post drive interview here: Also a special shout out to the guys at SRT that came by and gave us tons of encouragement. 

There were so many individual experiences and contacts that it would be impossible to list them all, but rest assured we will be back next year!